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THINK, Think Energy when you’re looking at installing the most effective money-saving solutions in your home.

Energy Performance Assessment

With a wealth of experience to draw from, our highly skilled technical advisers will assess the requirements of your home and advise you on energy saving. Whether you want us to explain, give you a quote or install a complete range of products like Insulation, Gas boiler or Renewable heating systems and want to save energy then you have come to the right place. We will be happy to provide you with a EPC (Energy performance Certificate) and let you know how we can help.

You can check to see if your property has an EPC by clicking here if you stay in Scotland or click here is you stay in England.

Insulation, Heating & Renewables

We also provide expert advice on the delivery and installation of renewable energy solutions. We always aim to help our customers save money as much as possible by advising them on how best to save energy, which in turn, saves our customers money.

Our expertise lies in energy saving and our experts are always there to advise you on the best choice suited to your property. If you want to know about the costs and advantages of installing energy saving measures, or how to improve your homes energy efficiency, then we are here to provide that service for you.

At Think Energy we deliver only the most suitable energy saving solutions tailored to meet our customers property.

Install the products to make your home more energy efficient

Here at Think Energy, we always think of the best viable solutions to make our customers’ homes more energy efficient, saving our customers’ money. Our dynamic blend of experience, knowledge and technical expertise, on all aspects of energy efficient measures does really make a difference in the community.

We offer services that are different from other green energy and renewable energy companies. Think Energy will always ensure that when you commission our services, we stay with you at each step of the process from inception to completion and beyond.

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, achieving affordable warmth, and in a cost-effective way, look no further than Think Energy to provide you with a complete energy solution.

Premium Quality Heating & Renewables

Think Energy have a highly experienced team in the Heating and Renewable department. They will help you with design and installation. Our products are of unquestionable premium quality.

We not only provide the top range on gas boilers and Air Source Heat Pumps but also Solar PV with Backup Storage and Solar Thermal systems generating electricity and hot water respectively again saving our customers on energy and money.

Contact us today to upgrade your home energy system to the most affordable, energy efficient home possible.

Guidance on insulation

Think Energy take great pride in their expert team within our insulation division. Our insulation materials come in a wide range and variety of products all which are chosen to meet the specific requirements of our customers, helping you to create the best energy-efficient environment possible.

Whether it is your loft insulation or rafter level, room in roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, tanks and pipe work or underfloor insulation, we take care of it all.

Think Energy will make sure that you get the most suitable solution for your home and, will install the right energy solutions so that you can prevent energy wastage.

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