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Cavity Wall Insulation

Our experts will conduct a detailed survey of your home and help to make your home more energy efficient, saving costs on energy bills. After 1920, the construction style of dwelling houses changed. If your house was built after that, the external walls of your residence are most likely to be made of two layers, with one single cavity separating them. Don’t miss out on your chance to create a warmer, more energy efficient home at an affordable cost.

The functionality of cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation prevents heat from escaping through walls. This reduces the amount of energy needed to keep your home well heated, but for this to work efficiently you need to make sure that the right insulation system has been installed. At Think Energy we understand the value of your home. It is a lifelong dream and a lifetime investment. Therefore, choosing the right type of professional service to assist you with your choice of insulation system is very important. Think Energy values customer faith and focuses on brand value. This resonates with our customers who can rest assured that they will receive goods and services of the highest quality when they commission our experts to install any of our insulation systems to their property.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

We guarantee a no hassle insulation instalment:

  • It helps to keep your home warm by decreasing the amount of heat loss and saves you money.
  • It protects your outer walls, from condensation, from the inside.
  • Cavity wall insulation prevents damping.
  • EPS bead is the one of the newest and most effective products to install in your cavity. 

Think Energy: An expert in cavity wall insulation

Any house that has cavity walls have the potential for cavity wall insulation to be installed in them, but what about other types of houses, you may ask. Well, there are timber frames and solid wall houses too. What about them? In those types of houses, wall insulation is a bit different but we can provide as solution look at the External (EWI) and Internal wall insulation (IWI) section. The process of Cavity Wall Insulation is done by injecting the material into the space between the outer and inner leaf of brickwork we use Bonded Silver Bead Insulation. This means that the bead is injected in to the cavity along with glue in order to keep it all in place. 

At Think Energy, we have a solution for protecting your house under every weather condition. You can be sure that after the survey, we will provide the best insulation solution for your home. Choose our premium quality bonded silver bead insulation for getting the best results in Cavity wall property’s. This type of insulation gives your house a better protection against water if it does get inside the cavity.

The purpose of any cavity wall insulation is to restrict the flow of air inside the cavity. This helps in using the air itself as a material for insulation. You can get in touch with our experts at any time, with any queries you may have.

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