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Extraction Services

Under certain circumstances you may need to remove the cavity wall insulation in your home. This can be for a variety of reasons, some of the more common ones are listed below.

Remember Think Energy when you think of extracting any defective insulation from your home

  • During floods, leakage or fire-related problems your home insulation system suffers a lot of damage.
  • If the previously installed wall insulation gets wet, has failed or it just wasn’t installed correctly, then for you to install a fresh new insulation system, the previous one need to be extracted.
  • Our experts survey your wall for any possible replacement of the wall tie and cavity tray. They are an integral part of any construction. They help tie the visible layer of the outer cavity of bricks to the basic inner masonry of your home.
  • Dampness can be a major cause for insulation damage as well.  
  • Previously, some damage may have occurred while removing rubble etc.
  • Your wall cavities can get infested with vermin in extreme cases.
  • It is also possible that your previous home insulation was not compatible with the construction type of your home. Our experts will perform a full investigative survey of your buildings before suggesting the correct insulation systems to be installed.


If your wall insulation has been wet or damp, then it may not dry out automatically. You will require professional assistance on this. Our specialist technicians are trained to carry out this type of work. You need to understand that the insulation system is not just something that is pushed into the voids of the wall to fill in the gaps. When you are thinking of replacing or repairing an insulation system, the whole thing needs to be extracted completely. We use one of the most updated technologies available for this purpose and our expert technicians will deliver to you a quality service of the highest standard possible.

Costing for wall insulation extraction

At Think Energy our aim is to continually provide the best insulation solutions to our customers at a reasonable price. Our insulation experts can detect any problem in your home with our equipment for damp detecting, cavity scopes and thermal cameras etc at our disposal. We can provide our customers with a tailored no obligation quotation. Our service providers will guarantee any new installations of an EPS Bonded Bead system, after the extraction procedure is completed.

External walls will get damp during the rainy season, especially in areas exposed to high winds and driving rain. Moisture will also seep through the outer leaf wall into the cavity. A properly installed insulation system will ensure that the transfer of moisture to the inner walls is prevented. We fully understand that these complications can sound confusing, however, the expert team of technical advisors at Think Energy are qualified to give you the best advisory service regarding the entire process.

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