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Gas Boilers

The mark of an ideal gas boiler is one that is efficient, and effective at the same time. Boilers play an important role in your central heating system because they provide space heating and hot water. Choosing a boiler is an important decision and it does not just depend on the type or size alone; you need to understand how they function as well. Keep reading this if you want to know more.

Seek professional help to properly install Your Gas Boilers

If you are feeling a bit confused with so many choices in the market place, then read on. You should always seek the advice of an expert professional to assist you in making the correct choice of boiler system and only commission fully qualified engineers who possess the knowledge and expertise to carry out your new installation. So, if you are looking for advise on installation, repair or service regarding your gas boilers then contact Think Energy.

How do Central Heating Boilers function?

We understand that investing in a gas boiler is a pretty large investment for you, so it is important that you make the right choices. We would suggest you do an extensive research on this before making a choice. You can get in touch with our consultants too for a quote and questions you may have.

We Provide Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

You might be surprised to know that around 55 percent of your annual energy bill is spent on boilers. This is exactly why you need to install an efficient boiler. It is no secret that modern Gas Boilers are far more efficient. Their importance lies in the fact that these are all condensing boilers. You can argue that most gas boilers are burnt efficiently but modern gas boilers are proven to be 90 percent more efficient. They come with a bigger heat exchanger, these retain more heat and pass cooler gases and eventually reduce the heating cost by up to 30 percent and even more when installed AFTER ALL INSULATION MEASURES have been fully installed.

At Think Energy, we are always happy to answer your questions on gas boilers and how to have better control over your heating. Since boilers are an integral part of your central heating system, we understand that you want to search all the options. At Think Energy we install only the most efficient boilers compatible with your’ property. You will be provided with guarantees and warranties on parts and labour when you commission our experienced qualified gas engineers to install a new more efficient heating system your home.

To enjoy premium level efficient heating, contact Think Energy today and receive some expert advice on the energy saving heating system that’s right for your home.

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