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Infrared Heating

You don’t need to sit in the cold to save energy. Our patented technology has been proven to save substantial energy compared to using typical electric or gas central heating systems.

Summary & Specification

The Clear Heating System is an all-electric phased infrared radiant heating system using patented technology.
The heaters have a very thin carbon ceramic heating element sandwiched between two sheets of toughened glass with a mica insert to minimise rear facing heat loss. Clear Heaters look like a sheet of coloured glass, they never need painting and can be wiped hygienically clean with a cloth.

Clear Heater Panels

use pulsed electricity and infrared heat to minimise energy use while still heating the objects in your home environment.  Our system is a real replacement for existing gas and electric heating systems and needs no plumbing, boiler or complex wiring. Installation is easy; just plug in and start saving.

Hot Water

InLine Hot Water System is powered by electricity to provide hot water on demand and is designed to replace your existing water boiler and storage tank in your home.The system has an A-rated efficiency rating and you have full cost control when used with the Control Panel. When combined with Logicor’s Clear Heater System room heaters it will remove the need for gas in your home altogether.

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