Loft Insulation


Did you know that almost a quarter of the total heat goes away through the roof
if you do not install proper insulation in your home? You can save up to 25 percent
of your heating bills by installing roof or loft insulation. Loft insulations can last
up to 40 years, so you can be sure that this investment will pay off over time.

Saving you money on your bills

At Think Energy, our trained expert loft insulation install team will help save your money. We provide guaranteed fitting services and at a reasonable cost. Also, with our help, if you are eligible you can get access to the latest funding too. The easiest way to reduce your cost of loft insulation is to increase the thickness of your loft insulation to 300mm even though the recommended depth is 250 to 270mm. This is also the most effective way. This way your heating costs will decrease, and it will help in lowering your CO2 footprint. Getting your EPC ranking up has never been easier.

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Things to know before choosing
loft insulation

Lofts are easier to insulate when they are easily accessible and if you have damp issues this should be fixed before insulating. You can use mineral wool insulation rolls for insulating your lofts. It is recommended that you do not store anything in the loft if you use loft insulation. Putting too much load on your loft may hinder the performance of the insulation. If you need your loft for storage do not worry click on our loft handover section to find out how this can be done.

Benefits of Loft Insulation

Blanket Insulation

This is perhaps the most common type of loft insulation that you can install. You get them in rolls of rock, glass, Mineral-fiber and foil-backed felt rolls. This type of insulation costs the least and is, usually the best choice for insulation. They are also very quick and easy to install.

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