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Underfloor Insulation

If your floor isn’t already insulated, doing so could be a great way to help heat your home. This speedy and often simple type of insulation could cut your energy bills while dealing with the inconvenient drafts often present around skirting and floor boards. There is no need to tear apart your floors either. Often all that is needed is access to a small hatch which can be cut in a location convenient for you.

Can my home be insulated?

Many newer homes are built with solid concrete floors. This type of structure poses much less of an issue in terms of draughts and heat loss. Older properties however are commonly built with suspended timber floors which creates a void beneath your property. Although this is great for preventing damp in our wet climate, that void isn’t so great for retaining heat within our homes. Age is just a very rough guide to a home’s suitability for this type of insulation, there are ALWAYS exceptions to this rule. If you are unsure of your homes build type give us a call and we will happily arrange a survey to determine whether you could benefit from underfloor insulation.

The Netting Method

The first method of installation Think Energy offers is The Netting Method. Pictured left you can see the bales of wool are packed between the existing floor joists and secured with netting keeping everything firmly in place. We also insulate any pipes that are under the floor to stop them freezing in the winter.

The Membrane Method

The second method of installation on offer consists of wrapping the wool bales, off site, in a breathable membrane like fabric. The benefit of this is that it allows installers to work with the compact materials in much tighter, more confined spaces often present under flooring. You can see from the picture on the right that the coverage doesn’t differ in any way and the results offered are equal to that of The Netting Method.

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